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Últimas publicaciones Bipedal locomotion by Octopus vulgaris

Bipedal locomotion by Octopus vulgaris :: Image: Authors

Jorge Hernández-Urcera, Manuel Enrique Garci and Miguel Cabanellas-Reboredo, 2020. Bipedal locomotion by Octopus vulgaris. Marine Biodiversity (2020) 50: 87.

Abstract: The coastal waters of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park encompass one of the most important recruitment areas for the species Octopus vulgaris in Galician waters (Guerra et al. 2014). On 1 June 2019, at the Cíes Islands (42° 13′ 23.52” N, 8° 53’ 56.61” W), located within the park, the bipedal locomotion of a juvenile specimen of Octopus vulgaris was documented (Fig. 1; Video S1).