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Personal COHEN, Rachel

COHEN, Rachel

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Moll de Ponent, s/n.
07015, Palma de Mallorca.
Illes Balears. España
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I have joined the Balearic Oceanographic Center (COB), as a JAE Intro 2023 Scholarship from the CSIC. I am combining this position with the research project for my Master’s thesis, in the International Masters for Marine Biological Resources Program (IMBRSea) run by the University of Ghent and funded by Erasmus Mundus. I am supervised by Dr. Miguel Cabanellas Reboredo, Dr. Marina Sanz Martín , Dr. Marta Albo Puig Server under the umbrella of the research project CLISSARTES “Climate-smart strategies to develop resilience in artisanal fisheries of Mediterranean Marine Protected areas” within the Group of Ecosystem Oceanography (GRECO). My topic investigates small-scale fisheries landings in the Catalonian coast and Balearic Islands and the influence of climate change and Marine Protected Areas.

I earned my Bachelor degree from the University of Washington in Seattle USA, in the fields of Aquatics and Fisheries Science and Marine Biology. The focus I chose in the Master’s is conservation and restoration of coastal marine habitats and I felt that this thesis topic gave me an in depth understanding of the artisanal fisheries stakeholders and the importance of the coastal habitats to provide healthy fish stocks and protect biodiversity. Prior to my masters I worked with a citizen science program called “Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team” (COASST). Here I learned the importance of utilizing the public to be able to collect a broad reach of long term data and to include them in the conversation of the impacts on their communities. I greatly appreciated my role as the leader of the Marine Debris program, where I created training material, had direct communication with participants and most importantly streamlined the data collection and data management processes. I then worked as the Participant Coordinator, which gave me a look into the administrative side of an organization. The masters program gave me the opportunity to learn from and live in new countries and marine habitats that I hadn’t been exposed to; the Atlantic coast and estuary of Southern Portugal, the Adriatic sea from Eastern Italy, the Southern Atlantic in Brazil, and the Mediterranean Sea here in Mallorca. I recently completed the program’s Professional Practice which gave me the opportunity to work in Brazil, where my final project was to determine if fish behavior was linked to benthic habitat coverage. This project will be used as a proxy for a future project to do this on a larger scale with data collected over the whole year to understand the seasonal changes of the surface area coverage and how that affects the behavior of fish.

Outside of research I am still marine focused person who loves to be in and on the water in many forms, some of my favorite are sailing and scuba diving. I also love to experience all the new places I have visited through a culinary perspective and love to try new things and make delicious food. I am excited for my next steps, because I don’t know where it will take me next.

Scholarship funded by the CSIC, JAE program and Erasmus Mundus


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