Buenia massutii specimen :: Image: Authors

Francesc Ordines, Sergio Ramírez‐Amaro, Candelaria Burgos, Jorge Baro, Marcelo Kovačić, Ignacio Sobrino, 2019. First record of Buenia massutii Kovačić, Ordines and Schliewen, 2017 in the Atlantic Ocean based on molecular and morphological evidences. Journal of Applied Ichthyology. Volume36, Issue1. January 2020. Pages 85-89.

Abstract: The recently described Mediterranean goby species, Buenia massutii, was found at the deep shelf in the Gulf of Cádiz (north‐eastern Atlantic Ocean). The identification of the specimen was performed using morphological analysis and molecular techniques; including the sequencing of the mitochondrial genes Cytochrome c Oxidase I (DNA barcode) and Cytochrome b. The sequences for Cytochrome b is presented for the first time for B. massutii. The limited migration capability and behaviour of small benthic gobies, the short lifespan of Buenia species, and the oceanographic characteristics of the Strait of Gibraltar suggest the existence of an independent Atlantic population of B. massutii.

Keywords: Atlantic Ocean, Buenia massutii, DNA barcoding, first record, Gulf of Cádiz