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Personal BODÍ BROSETA, Ana


Titulada Media de Actividades Técnicas y Profesionales

Moll de Ponent, s/n.
07015, Palma de Mallorca.
Illes Balears. España
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Breve CV

Ana Bodí Broseta graduated in Marine Science (2019) and Biotechnology (2021) from the Universidad Católica de Valencia (UCV). In both final degree thesis, she carried out research on stem cells and tissue regeneration in the starfish Echinaster sepositus using immunohistochemical and molecular techniques.

During her training period, she spent time collaborating on various projects in research centers such as the Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE, Mexico) or the Instituto de Investigaciones Oceanológicas (IIO, Mexico), studying issues related to isolation and characterization of metabolites with antitumor potential from marine animals.

She has worked at the Instituto de Investigación de Medio Ambiente y Ciencia Marina (IMEDMAR-UCV) participating in projects such as LIVING PORTS project or Fundación Biodiversidad project.

In September 2022, she joined the Centro Oceanográfico de Baleares (COB) in order to work on projects related to microorganisms and with the different -omics, such as the MINERVA or GENEROSITY project. Both intend to study the various microorganisms, which constitute the basis of all food chains and marine ecosystems, being the starting point for many other fields of study.

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