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Personal MOLTÓ SEGUÍ, Vicenç


Ayudante de Investigación

Moll de Ponent, s/n.
07015, Palma de Mallorca.
Illes Balears. España
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Telephone: +34 971 133 720
Fax: +34 971 404 945
CV Summary

Vicenç Moltó holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of the Balearic Islands (2013), and Master’s degree in Marine Ecology (2015). His Master’s thesis was centered on larval ecology of bluefin tuna under BLUEFIN project at the ECOLARV group from the Oceanographic Center of the Balearic Islands (COB). Currently, he is a PhD candidate conducting research on the ecology of large pelagic migrators at the Fish Ecology group from the Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats (IMEDEA) under the European CERES project. His main focus is the ecology of Mediterranean dolphinfish populations and their fisheries as case study.

As part of his professional career, he started as Research Assistant for the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) in 2017 at the Oceanographic Center of Murcia, in the Marine Pollution and Biological Effects department.

Since 2020 he has joined the COB as member of the IEO Mediterranean Group for Climate Change (GMCC) and Ecosystems Oceanography (GRECO), actively participating in the RADMED monitoring program.

Update in February 2020