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Wednesday 10 May 2006
L. Ciannelli.
The spatial facet of fish population dynamics
W. Fennel.
Attempts towards bridging biochemical and fish production models
X. Irigoien et al.
Could Biscay Bay Anchovy recruit through a “Bakunian” loophole?
F. Sánchez et al .
Environmental factors determining the structure and spatial distribution of epibenthic and demersal communities of Le Danois Bank ( Cantabrian Sea , N Spain )
R. Domínguez et al .
Analysis of the influence of stock structure and environmental changes in stock reproductive potential for both European hake Atlantic populations
V. Agostini et al .
Climate and Pacific hake: a geostatistical modelling approach
R. Guevara and J. Lleonart.
Dynamics and fishery of the Peruvian hake: between the nature and the man
J. Salat.
General circulation and water mass distribution in the NW Mediterranean
F. Maynou.
Environmental effects on the fluctuations of red shrimp ( Aristeus antennatus ) catches in the Catalan Sea
A. Abella et al .
Importance of environmental factors in the definition of recruitment timing and spatial boundaries of nursery areas of hake in the Eastern Ligurian Sea
Thursday 11 May 2006
G. D. Sharp.
Climate and Fisheries - Cause and Effect: the Role of Applied Fisheries Oceanography and Physiological ecology in Resource Management
J. L. López-Jurado et al .
Hydrographic conditions around the Balearic Islands in 2003 and 2004
J. E. Cartes et al .
Dynamics of suprabenthos and zooplankton around Mallorca ( Balearic Islands , NW Mediterranean): influence of environmental variables and effect on higher trophic levels
T. Madurell et al .
Preliminary results on the isotopic composition of carbon and nitrogen for suprabenthos fauna in the NW Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean)
J. Moranta et al .
Spatial and temporal variations in fish community and population structure on the continental slope of the western Mediterranean : influence of environmental variables
J. M. Hidalgo et al .
Seasonal and short spatial patterns in European hake recruitment process at the Balearic Sea (NW Mediterranean): the role of environment on distribution and condition
B. Guijarro et al .
Influence of environmental factors on the population dynamics of the red shrimp Aristeus antennatus in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean sea): spatial and seasonal differences
A. Geffen and B. Morales-Nin
Otoliths has a cue to hake life history
A. Carbonell et al .
Reproductive potential and condition of red shrimp (Aristeus antennatus, Risso 1816) in the Balearic Islands Northwestern Mediterranean Sea), 1991-2004
S. Monserrat et al .
A mesoscale index to describe the regional ocean circulation around the Balearic Islands
E. Massutí et al .
The influence of oceanographic scenarios on the population dynamics of demersal resources in the western Mediterranean: hypothesis for hake and red shrimp off Balearic Islands
Friday 12 May 2006
J. D. M. Gordon.
Interactions between the deep-water demersal fisheries and their environment. A case study of the Rockall Trough
W. Fennel.
The Journal of Marine Systems