> Second seminar

Evaluation shrimp and hake

The second seminary of the project was carried out from 6 to 9 July 2004 in the Centre Oceanogràfic de Illes Balears of the IEO with the objective to evaluate the populations of hake and red shrimp of Majorca, using structural models of population dynamics, such as the virtual population analysis. The seminar was guided by Manuela Azevedo and Fátima Cardador (IPIMAR, Lisbon), two specialists of recognized international prestige in the application of these fishing models. Besides to actively contribute to the good development of the seminar and the attainment of the raised objectives, they trained the investigators of the project IDEA the evaluation of exploited resources currently used in the ICES area. Biologists of other centres of the IEO also participated in this seminar. During the seminary the biological and fishery data available were analysed for the determination of the interannual variability in the population dynamics of hake and red shrimp. Moreover, a first analyses of virtual population was made to obtain estimations of instantaneous rates of mortality by fishing, recruitment and reproductive stock for the period 1980-2003 in the case of hake and 1992-2003 for red shrimp.

Participants (left to right) Enric Massutí (IEO Balears), Luis Quintanilla (IEO Málaga), Fátima Cardador (IPIMAR Lisboa), José Luis Pérez Gil (IEO Mar Menor), Beatriz Guijarro (IEO Balears), Toni Quetglas (IEO Balears), Pedro Torres (IEO Málaga), Manuela Azevedo (IPIMAR Lisboa), Pere Oliver (IEO Balears), Joan Moranta (IMEDEA), Manolo Hidalgo (IMEDEA), Aina Carbonell (IEO Balears).