A. Aparicio, J.L. López-Jurado, R. Balbín, J. Jansá, and B. Amengual, (2012). IBAMar 2.0: 36 years sampling on the Western Mediterranean Sea. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 14, EGU2012-8476, 2012. EGU General Assembly 2012

IBAMar 2.0 is a new database created from the oceanographic data obtained during the development of different oceanographic projects by the Balearic Center of Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) and conducted from 1974 and ongoing in the Western Mediterranean basin (Balearic Sea and Algerian Basin). This database collects data from 27 research projects with 134 oceanographic surveys and 6463 sampling stations. IBAMar 2.0 database covers 36 year sampling and approximately 210,846 km2 in the Western Mediterranean Sea (WM). The effort applied for obtaining this data was growing from less than 100 station/year to more than 700 in the year 2009.

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